The Bare Happinness

On that day, I was sleeping after a long spell of enjoyment outdoors, riding as a passenger on a KSRTC bus. Now, the time is 7 o'clock, and a man shook me awake. I woke up in astonishment upon hearing "Perinthalmanna."


Once upon a time, a man lived in a Palace. Despite his richness, he was interested in exploring tourist places and being adventurous, like climbing and swimming. One time, he decided on a pan-India tour.

The Rewards of Smile

My encounter with that ugly, unshaven, smiling face did force my cheeks to form a smile. The words of Dr. Eva Ritzo, a co-author of “The Beauty Perception,” made much sense

Brimmed Eyes

The little boy in a tattered shirt with pink-coloured buttons stuck on the front strip with numerous pores that paved the way for his tanned skin making its appearance turned to

If He Were Here

He just looked down and saw every step ... something grimaces and other shines. He was even in love with her but he was trying to conceal it from her. They traveled through both

Hoja and Diabetic Boy

He must not eat the jam. But he loved it so much. She was desperate convincing him. One day neighbors advised her to go to Hoja to solve this problem. And the woman did it. She

Let Me Know At Least

When I was staring at two kids fighting each other you passed me in a fraction of second but that second was enough for me to fall for you. I did not have even a clue that you

I Saw the Road After a Long Time

But, looking back, it was also closed. I walked a long way, looked around and moved on. The light on the road faded as I proceeded. Not scared but scared. I started walking fast.

The Monkey and the Crocodile

There was a monkey living on a tree. The tree was  on a seashore. The monkey had a friend as a crocodile. The monkey used to give fruits to the crocodile when he comes  

The Lion and Mouse

A lion was once sleeping in the jungle when a mouse started running up and down his body just for fun. This disturbed the lion’s sleep, and he woke up quite angry. He was about to