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Wounded Spirits

Enchanting, Sensational, Inexplicable, this is how I like to illustrate my feelings about The Kite Runner, masterpiece of well known Afghan Writer, Khaled Hossieni. Some may define

Enchanting, Sensational, Inexplicable, this is how I like to illustrate my feelings about The Kite Runner, masterpiece of well known Afghan Writer, Khaled Hossieni. Some may define that there are books to be chewed, swallowed or whatever. But I am pretty sure that this one should be Immortal as long as you live. Such a lovely work that conveys a crystal like message of how the lives that we don't even know, and completely ignorant, are suffering in the slums of war-torn countries and where the turmoil have burnt the dreams of hundreds of innocents.

Hassan and Amir, two names that you never forget after reading it. And no doubt, the novels is centralized on both of them. 

Kite running is a prominent past time of Afghan children. The novel begins with the flash back of Amir, the narrator. Amir and Hassan are best friends despite of the fact that while Amir is a member of Pashtun clan, the most renowned and wealthiest clan in Afghanistan, Hassan is born and brought up in a  Hazara family, the illiterate and ignoble society. Ali, father of Hassan found a living by being a servant in Baba's(as it is referred to Amir's father) house.

Even though their bonds were strong and unbreakable Amir's bashfulness led to be jealous with ability of Hassan to allure the proclivity of Baba.

One day, Hassan and Amir decided to participate in a kite running competition while going, Hassan stipulated: I would make you a winner, hence your father should be pride of you. Nevertheless of economic stability of the family, Amir was a coward, some kind of frightened to confront the complexions.

On the other hand, Hassan was such a brave, virtuoso kid, was nervous of nothing, and handled timorous situations with confidence. Hassan represents the pure picture of sincerity, compassion, humanity.

At last they won the match and as a rule the kites compete there deserve to own to those who won. Hence, Amir sent Hassan away from house to bring that kite. Since it's been a long time Hassan was still absent and Amir began to search him. Unfortunately Amir caught a glimpse of exasperating scene of others mole stating Hassan. Amir became panic and did nothing but just ran away. And then all turned topsy turvy.

Due to political, racial segregational pressure Amir and Baba migrated to America. Years after Amir gets a call from Rahim, Baba's friend. And perplexed by hearing the consequences of war  and how minorities were brutally killed in Afghan territory. Soon Amir perceived that Hassan was his own half brother, he gets his way back to native in quest of redeeming Hassan's son and Hassan was already dead.


Communal depiction of Afghan people 


Hassan and Amir  represents the two communities which are quietly different.

Hassan and Hazara are the picturization of thousands, writhing in agony, devouring eachother, and those have been helpless and labelled as refugees, victims.

It deeply injects the enigmatic emotional sentiments of wounded souls. Absolutely, no doubt of a fact that absurdly wealthy doesn't show any compassion to those who seek help and  who are worth of it.

This novel justified a truth that pain of being hunted, endured will make us mutilated, only if crucified are related to us.

Hazaras are one of largest ethnic minorities inhabiting in Afghanistan.      According to the surveys they are about 20 percentage of total folks. Distinct ideologies, slangs, caused to be discriminated from dominant ethnic Pashtun. Generally Afghans persuade the Sunni sect of Islam.  While Hazaras follow Shi'a branch, for decades they are castigated for nothing in their own country. In 1990 and after Taliban proclaimed to wage war against Hazaras. According to the historical datas, it is proven that Hazaras were sold as slaves in 19th century.

Even though the transcripted evidences aren't seen anywhere historians strongly believe that Pashtuns are descended from Afghana, grandson of King Saul of Israel. On the other hand, many scholars are convinced that they were born in an intermingling of ancient Aryans from the north or west with ensuing Invaders. A number of Pashtun families had migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan in the middle of 13 to 16th centuries. 

In last centuries there were about 11 million Pashtun in Afghanistan and There were 25 million in Pakistan.

In a nutshell, The Kite runner is miraculous literal, must be read ever once in life. It absorps the tears of migrants, refugees, as well as moulding up you a good hearted personality filled with love. 


 A few words about author


Khalid Hossieni is an Afghan born writer, whose debut novel 'The Kite runner acclaimed both critical and commercial success all over the world. Born in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan in the year of 1965. Well known of his protagonist as Afghanistan.

Other noteworthy works;

A thousand splendid suns,

And the mountains echoed, Sea Prayer.

Currently living in United States.

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