Is Our India Secular?

Secularism, which is a feature of some nations, is considering all the religious groups in a particular state/nation. Simply we can define secularism as the separation of religion

Unveiling the Hijab of Our Indian Constitution

As far as the Indian constitution is concerned, it is paving a way for every Indian citizen to believe that they are free. Free from struggle, heckle and assault. It means to live

Jihad In Narcotics? The Role Of Black Hands

Times ago, some drinkers gathered for pleasuring with alcoholics. Vivid alcoholics were toughened in the cold bottles. They were pouring them into nourished glasses which later

Deliberate Withdrawal

The decades-long invasion comes to an end with the withdrawal of the U.S. Army and its allies claiming that the nation-building of Afghanistan is no longer their concern. Taliban

Free Thinking

When we exclude the morality, self-awareness and spirituality, we can see a group of people hanging on to their ideas and rules of politics disrespecting their religion and the

Think Before Trolling the GOI

If you are aware of the promises scribbled in the manifesto of the BJP, you cannot help but to say that they had almost won, they promised Triple Talaq Bill and they brought it