Wings of Angel

The story, titled "The Wings of an Angel," follows Aban and his ailing grandfather on a magical journey that explores the concept of virtues through the lens of faith and loss. The story highlights the power of faith, hope, and resilience in the face of hardship and leaves the reader with a sense of hope and inspiration.

Absence of the Dock Leaf

Even though his buddies gained The triumph before his term Through unbelievable bypasses! He is concerned about The second barrier.

The Bare Happinness

On that day, I was sleeping after a long spell of enjoyment outdoors, riding as a passenger on a KSRTC bus. Now, the time is 7 o'clock, and a man shook me awake. I woke up in astonishment upon hearing "Perinthalmanna."

Peace Is Divine

The Hira witnessed the peace Prophet shivered a lot  Asked Khadeeja to blanket He got out of fear The angel carried the peace

Tears Rained but, Nevermore

Fear-induced tears flow freely, leaving eyes bleeding and clinging to the water. Fears of swarming bears, swimming sharks, and frantic gunfire overwhelm the head, imploring the Almighty Lord to put a halt to the shooting.

The Captain Is Sailing Ahead

The summer of 2015 was a particularly volatile period for corruption in football's governing body. Sepp Blatter was at the helm at that time, and Gianni Infantino was leading a good life as general secretary of European football’s leading organization, UEFA.

The Rewards of Smile

My encounter with that ugly, unshaven, smiling face did force my cheeks to form a smile. The words of Dr. Eva Ritzo, a co-author of “The Beauty Perception,” made much sense


, “She can no longer do justice to her job,” would be the reason for her silence. Maybe, she is simply trying to do the right thing for her family, her party, and her country by resigning.

Life of Dr Lawrence Brown

He received a BA from Cornell University of Arts and Sciences, an M.D. from Brown Medical School, and completed his ophthalmology residency at George Washington University.


The mother opposed uniting many, Until ground in her the true love And chose the best thereto They worked for their dignity  With a man of trust and honesty. It was Khadheeja(r.a),

What Is in My Bag?

A day travelling in the metro, The officials noticed me and my identity, Looked at me twice, They had a thorough security checking, Asked me

It’s the Right Time

Oh dude, why you dilapidate me You are aggravated by unaccompanied words Deplorably, dark episodes piled on the agony It is time to sweep away filthy shades Let me spray my beacon

Behind the Veils

Hey fink!* Unveil the value of the bound (if you can) It’s resolute the honour Identify the women Encourage to rise Embolden the guts And Imports enough power To say “Allah Akbar”

This Smile Is Not ‘Minor’

There is no ‘Train to Pakistan’ But spiritual tides from Ajmer To the ‘Ministry of utmost happiness’ India’s ‘Discovery’ is cremated in Raj Ghat with Haridwar’s funeral procession


The tears tear to a hunch, The breaks break out to a refinement. My memory wakes up by a scrunch, Its shiver carries a retrenchment From the whole bloody black world. Hiding is

Brimmed Eyes

The little boy in a tattered shirt with pink-coloured buttons stuck on the front strip with numerous pores that paved the way for his tanned skin making its appearance turned to

The Story Told by Coronavirus

Dear ones, I am coronavirus. A member of the well-known virus family. A citizen of nature just like you. I was living with the baby parasites in the large intestine of a wild boar

Too Soon

But nothing was over, it was a necessary last flight to home for the natural result of those years abroad, big names of diseases. Those were the medals of such fathers for their

The Smiling Epithet of a Tombstone

Tombstones engrave their teeth and dying epithets Fruits of herbs bear the taste of soul in a pit Christ of the cross, Virgin Mary and cross-legged Buddha Are heading to an

Two Poems

Out of the suffocating crowd, When I am all alone at last. I put off everything I wore for the world, My clothes and my mask. I look at the mirror on my bathroom wall, I find

My Love Story

I searched for love in a book, Between the lines of the story. I hoped to find love that looked Like some enthralling eternal glory. I searched for love in the

Dear... Take Us Too ...

Me and our daughter yesterday also Went to your favorite beach .... Memories with you Are irritating me a lot there.... It is a place to relax; Now I am changed there

Being a Good Parent

Being a good parent is a precious gift that one can have in his / her life . If your goodness lead your child to right path, your badness will definitely lead them to wrong path.

Shadows Behind the Moonlight

My inner fear  That took away my dare  Yes it’s the faces  That wore the mask of love   I didn’t care the dark of night  I didn’t care the bark of light The faces untie

Let Me Know At Least

When I was staring at two kids fighting each other you passed me in a fraction of second but that second was enough for me to fall for you. I did not have even a clue that you

When You Whine to These

When you whine to these , This will be your last wilt Just act like a Wizard, It revitalize you from past... Otherwise they plunder you


The Father is honest with his sons, and he is the pillar of the family,all of whom depends on the essence of his work, waiting for his advice in domestic matters. the father

My Should Have Been

You were the one that belonged to another one We were meant to be, or so I thought Whenever we were together magic happened Sparks flying, always a rabbit out of a hat I feared