Translatability of Quran: Debates and Differences

The political scenario and social contest play a vital role in representing the opposition views in both Turkey and Egypt. But in Kerala, it was an internal dispute among the venerable scholars of Samastha Kerala Jam-iyyathul Ulema.

Introduction to Stock Markets

Let‘s now look from the side of investors. How an investor buys or sells his share? What are the major procedures one must follow to be a part of this whole mechanism? How would an investor choose the right share with regard to its future returns?

Mohamed Salah; The Gift From God

A group of researchers published a research paper (a scientific article) in (American Political Science Review), an academic journal, covering all fields of political science,

Hijab; Essential Practice or Not?

Another incident came to the fore which proves Indian Muslims are in trouble and signs and facts of Islam are vanishing. A verdict on hijab row passed by HC of Karnataka on 15-3-20

Social Media Rules the World

It is an undeniable fact that this tumultuous time has been metamorphosed into a digital world where those traditional rituals seem to have been lost somewhere. Today’s world has

An Introduction to Arabian Music

Music is one of the melodious art forms that developed in the first centuries. Simply can be defined as an art of combining sounds or sequences of notes into harmonious patterns pl

Rap Music: The Symbol of Resistance

We are familiar with the different types of art that feast on values in the eyes of the populace, who value modernity. Poetry is undoubtedly the first of these. Rap music is a new

Unjustified Betrays

Recently our largest democratic country witnessed for mass surveillance against its dissidents, with a malware widely known as Pegasus sold by NSO, many activities including

Pathetic Experience of Assamese Culture

Experiencing original cultures and sensing long-standing civilizations are definitely illuminating elements; it produces several growth and advancements acquired by diverse bygone


We see, hear and read a lot about people in all phases of life. But there is no way to know the life of an executioner so deeply. Such is the story that Meera tells through the

Cyber Bullying Has Been Rocking Nowadays

Nowadays, the youth gets addicted to it so dangerously even the last published Statics proves that India stands as the third largest country being the victim of cyber bullies amids

EIA Draft 2020: Environment Is No More

Most recently  Pettimudi in Idukki witnessed a horrible situation resulting from a landslide which stole lives of many poor  people.  In 1984, Bhopal had startled with another