An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India

‘An era of darkness: the British empire in India’, by Shashi Tharoor, is a noteworthy book that tells the true story of the British Empire in our country. In a nutshell, this book

Phoenix Bird

She is a valorous girl With a burning fire In her eyes Yes, A world is revolved In her vast mind A set of felons Brutally exploits her, They forbid her

Bring Me Back

Past the temple bell and past the call of mosque Past all that the past had Past our life that passed away When all of this is over


War could make you feel deterred; It could wreck your whole world. War between two nations… War between two communities… War between two thoughts…

Once It Lost, Never Gets

  A mother is a protector, chef, best friend, nurse, teacher for a child. A mother is the first teacher for every child. She sacrifices many of her wants and needs for the wants

The Journey to You

You are the one I needed from the beginning That I never knew I always thought it was something else And I chased what I thought to be true.

Traveler to Paradise

We had a deep, deep love So Sweet and so secure, And I kept falling head over heels , To depths where I could to be sure. Sure that this beauty here was her,


Like the enlightened chants... that washes the shore... Nothing else remains... Just a handful of sand ...

Flee Out of Glee

Try to upload A better smile everyday, Enable the joy button For the followers… It is the best way to Enrich the subscribers…

Personal Growth

It is upon us to dream big and work hard to achieve our dreams. Thus we can make a good personality and behaviour and become a won person in life.


She wakes up untimely Before the sun comes early. She works like a robot Telling her feelings to pot. No one mind her

Blooming Leaves

Like blooming Stars  Set a flame in my life Compose the love lyrics Always hear my heart Passes the red colour through it.


Yes I am living in a society  I do not know who named this crap  A group of people, a bunch of male and female,  They barely know each other  But they live in a society

Snow Memories

Snowfilled valleys with pure calmness inside it. The road to the Villa  lying softly  inside snow

Not Everyone You Meet in Life Will Stay

Not everyone you meet in life will stay.   Not everyone in your life will make it till the finish line with you.   Because people in your life, most definitely leave.  


Winds Howled As Sky tried to Blink And I held to Think ; Moments plastering smile When the wind flashed me with ,

Smile to Demons

They could not push it to pavilion. It will exist and resist hitherto lies. They have bravery molten  in the furnace of oneness.


Every day he came to me To warn me "one day,  you want to leave the world"  But.... I have no time to mind it 

To My Unborn New-Born

Baby....  I long to hold you on my arms   To feel you on my palms.  I long to kiss you on your forehead   And to feel overwhelmed.