Miles Passed, Before He Slept

After his demise, strong condolences by Kerala are proof of his personality and his pure politics

The Abbasid Dynasty: A Legacy of Power, Revolution, and Intellectual Enlightenment

The Abbasid Dynasty, an Arabic dynasty that rose to power in 750 CE, left an indelible mark on the Islamic empire. Initially, they ruled over a vast territory, but their empire eventually fragmented.

How Mustafa Sabri Efendi Past Undeniable Obstacles?

Born in 1869 in Tokat, Turkey, he embarked on a journey of education and service that shaped his life and led him to become a prominent voice in Turkish society.

The Captain Is Sailing Ahead

The summer of 2015 was a particularly volatile period for corruption in football's governing body. Sepp Blatter was at the helm at that time, and Gianni Infantino was leading a good life as general secretary of European football’s leading organization, UEFA.

Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

I had heard some writers lament like this. Do they have trouble with it? No,  But, Some of them have the feeling of living in their works themselves! Vaikom Muhammed Basheer,

Being a Good Parent

Being a good parent is a precious gift that one can have in his / her life . If your goodness lead your child to right path, your badness will definitely lead them to wrong path.


The Father is honest with his sons, and he is the pillar of the family,all of whom depends on the essence of his work, waiting for his advice in domestic matters. the father

Once It Lost, Never Gets

  A mother is a protector, chef, best friend, nurse, teacher for a child. A mother is the first teacher for every child. She sacrifices many of her wants and needs for the wants

Personal Growth

It is upon us to dream big and work hard to achieve our dreams. Thus we can make a good personality and behaviour and become a won person in life.