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The Story Told by Coronavirus

Dear ones, I am coronavirus. A member of the well-known virus family. A citizen of nature just like you. I was living with the baby parasites in the large intestine of a wild boar

Dear ones, I am coronavirus. A member of the well-known virus family. A citizen of nature just like you. I was living with the baby parasites in the large intestine of a wild boar in the wilderness in China. You know, we can't live without viruses. We find habitat in the internal organs of any living thing. Once released, our story will be over in a few hours. We usually choose animals such as rats, moths, pigs, bats, mosquitoes, and foxes as our hosts. When it comes to their stomachs, Deccan relaxes without any discomfort. And we do not have milk in our hands. This means that the host does not cause disease.

 Let's get back to the story. One day, a local man and his group entered the jungles of China. Laws were blown to smithereens and many animals were shot down. In the crowd, I saw the wild boar. The carcasses were loaded into carts and taken to a meat market in the town of Wuhan. The wild boar was the favourite food of the Chinese. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. I will be a champ in the crowd. 

Luckily for me, the Butcher opened the pig's belly. The internal organs were removed and discarded. I was able to get into the hands of that young man. When he sniffed, I went straight into the lungs through the trachea. The next 14 days are enough for me to go from 1 to 2, 2 to 4 and then into thousands and millions through cell division. A few days after I intruded the body, the Chinese man started having fever, cough and sneezing. Meanwhile, the newly hatched babies of a Chinese man's wife, children and neighbours prepared for a world tour. The poor Chinese man was hospitalized. There was good breathing and pus in the lungs. The doctor thought it was pneumonia. Though the treatments had done so effectively, he died on the 6th day of admittance.

 I climbed straight out of the corpse into the doctor's arms. My children had already started playing. They were moving from nest to nest. Fever spreads, deadly fever without medication. Thousands came to the hospital every day. Ambulances rushed through the streets carrying the bodies. The world stood still. The researchers nodded. What is the disease? Where did the causative atom come from? What is the solution?

 In the meantime, I ended my hibernation in the doctor's body and took charge. The doctor was in a state of emergency. Within a few days, the last sleep was over. But in a short time, the scientific world recognized me. I, novel coronavirus, a new incarnation of the Coronavirus, that had plagued the world over the years due to SARS. Emperor Kali Yuga was born to spread the banner of viruses all over the world. I found a new name, "covid-19" that came to my triumphant journey. Through the United States, Italy, Germany, Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Arabia and Persia, strongholds of modern technology and wealth, I crossed even the tiniest little Kerala, Paradise of human love and secularism land, rivers and exiles. 

You know, I have a heart too. Smiles of innocent children make me cry. I often kiss the hands of sighing old men. But, this is my mission. Creation status is the mission and entrusted to me by the lord of destruction, the inviolable mission of extermination, an essential mission for the survival of nature. So this is not enough. 

I like to lose in front of mankind. What good is the Earth without human beings? The music of life that you reclaim with your soft and beautiful fingers is what makes this little land plentiful. I am insignificant enough to hold onto the sacrifice of being a man who has survived world wars, epidemics, and natural disasters and is constantly advancing. But you have to win this war. We're not ready to give up. The last smile is for the winners and I want it to spread on your lips.

Here are two African youths who are worried about not getting a bus on that road. Let's see if they can get on their bodies in Africa what I long to wander through tertile countryside. The triumphal procession can end in the large intestine of a rattlesnake, perched on a huge tree branch growing knee-high. One more thing before you go, do not look at the natural habitats, Do not let the demons in the jar open. That's when people like us come out. 

Praying to see each other,

lovingly coronavirus.

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