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A Riddle Wrapped up in an Enigma

They said that all dream is coming true, but they forget that nightmare is also subjected to be called a dream, which is hunting at every minute! 


The Silver Line is one of the major dream projects for our Kerala.


They said that all dream is coming true, but they forget that nightmare is also subjected to be called a dream, which is hunting at every minute! 


Rail, Rail Go Away!

K-rail, broadly known as the Silver Line had stoned Kerala political ambit. The silver line is considered a cornerstone development from the left-wing ruling party of Kerala. Nevertheless, as an eye-striking development from sixty years of Kerala history, it has been subjected to criticism from right-wing political parties. Being a big-budget project also not affordable for Kerala economy and Eco-system, right-wing political parties – among whom congress is leading- are trying to utilize such an open penalty chance for winning a five-year term goal. While some prominent leaders are agitating against the K-rail project by depicting it as bogus for the history of Kerala, some other intellectuals –among whom Taroorji is standing-are hoping to be in need of time.

About Silver Line, its 3773 pages long DPR was out before one day. According to its DPR, which had aimed to be published publicly and was subjected to an allegation that the government was ready to out DPR now, only when Metro Man E. Shreedheran had pointed out in his frankly talk about the project, it uses 100% renewable energy. Such a decision is credible while the central government was obviously failed to plan such a project after its cherry-picking speech in Glasgow. According to DPR, in 2026-53, 675 passengers can travel freely per nine coaches. Also in 2042, a train with 15 coaches will be on Silver Line with a capacity of 1125 passengers.

While more effective approaches were in vain, modern society have to keep their brains on how we can implement such a bizarre and gigantic project on a delicate ecosystem in a manner, that is no environmental and political loss. While UDF is enthralled into blockade by former opposition's opposition for their project, they are unwillingly ready to rethink their stance from the fragile approach into the developmental approach in contrast to, an eminent engineer from Kerala E. Sreedharan.

Venerable Metro Man, despite his alluded opposition against Silver Line, also had proposed some laudable suggestions to the project. Mr. Tharoor, a member of parliament from Trivandrum, had tweeted some of his viewpoints in such a project which was subjected to be play ball for interpretations. By the way, his word is used as a buckler for the gigantic ruling party.

We have in such a deadlock situation, not to approach to tackle political peace by removing survey stones or threatening agitators by stern strife, but we have to approach more practical way is -as Mr. Tharoor had mentioned before- to study, to study and to study. After studying it deeply, keep agitation by highlighting demerits and solving for them rather than a complete blockade. we have to transform our mode of agitation from vagueness to practicality.

Polite in Politics!

Samastha Kerala Jamythul Ulama has been prey for media for its stern stance onward political parties. Samastha, was supposed to tackle those people who are disrupting Islamic legacy and Sharia. Samastha was split on its approach onwards political party.

   One year before, we had witnessed a video clip that the media was trying their best to humiliate venerable Samastha leader Sayed Jifri Muthukoya Thanghal. His stance was undoubtedly had perplexed the media personalities, when they threw the same questions with different narration, they got the answer that was in contrast to what they had expected in reality.

Leaders who had a firm stance in stalemate situations had helped Samastha to be grown. One or some months after such incident, brazen anti-Samastha members tried their best to drag into the spotlight by highlighting Jifri Thanghal's stern antagonism IUML's stand that after Friday prayer, believers had to sermon against governments policy towards Waqf board issue in the masjid. By the way, they were completely devastated when leaders did not respond to their pity allegation.

Now, the words by Abdul Samad Pookottur had posed some criticism on Samastha for his word that Samastha members cannot be a member of the communist party. Yet, obviously, it is an undeniable truth. But we had to think that, he did not mention Wahhabism or something else. He mentioned communism for he had seen that joining in a communist party has been a trend among the Muslim community throughout Kerala. Our community badly needs some rethinking. You can join SP, AAP, JD, ASP and IUML.

Inferno Blasted

Kerala Blasters FC has been thrilling its huge fan base by its relentless run from ten-match without any defeat. Such startling experience from the yellow army, lead them to find themselves on unfamiliar territory. Ivan Vokumanoric's boys extended their unbeaten run to ten after they posed humiliating defeat for Hyderabad FC.

By its very beginning from this season, fans were unilaterally had disappointed for their defeat in the inaugural match versus ATKMB FC. Fans were calculating that Blasters will not try to change their routine. But after defeat from ATKMB, Ivan had totally reconstructed his squad and play tactics. He exactly deserved a lot of applause for he had utilized all players- especially Indian players- than earlier. He also won for exploiting Indian players to reveal their potentiality, Sahel, K Prashant is the epitome of Ivan’s reconstruction for Indian players, had scored a considerable goal for this season.

It is more egregious that Malayalam media, who were used to spoil and criticize all of KBFC's legacy and trying to tear players on their hairstyles, also were trying to give more hype or unwanted hype if blasters won the match, such media is absolutely an evil for our future in sports.

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