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Unveiling the Hijab of Our Indian Constitution

As far as the Indian constitution is concerned, it is paving a way for every Indian citizen to believe that they are free. Free from struggle, heckle and assault. It means to live

As far as the Indian constitution is concerned, it is paving a way for every Indian citizen to believe that they are free; Free from struggle, heckle and assault. It means to live here in peace and tranquillity. So far as to now, many controversies is taking place among us. I truly believe that these chaoses and riots are in the wake of our misunderstandings towards the constitution, religion and people. Hijab row is one of the prominent examples for us. Precisely, likewise, hijab, crucifix and marks in the forehead, rather than a religious hallmark, is an Indian symbolic figure which represents unity and equality. It doesn't matter how we are spoiling its actual intention of our own accord. It is to be venerated, adored and treated as how constitution demands to every citizen. Since we got freedom, we are beholding Muslim ladies in hijab, Christians in crucifix etc. It means, this idea didn't grow up last week or last month. It wasn't new. Those who are graduated and became experts were studied in their own attire. None obliged to do nothing. It was up to their own will. 

If students are barred from ingesting education, we are about to face a lot of problems as severe as now. Because to consider that education is not only important but also it is a weapon of overcoming and providing good future for the country. I personally believe that all these uproars cause us because rulers are not so well educated. unlike them, if the education is being hinder to students, then how we can anticipate a better future for our offsprings? How we will survive here?

By this, we are ruining our own traditions and memories of our forefathers. Whether our forefathers like Nehru or Gandhiji were existing now, How would they come forth to appease this situation without worsening it or would they bolster those who are creating this issue inner and outer ward? The first and prime thing they were tried hard to eradicate completely from this nation is to root out extremism and to make every citizen believe that this soil belongs to everyone. Whatever mishaps we are witnessing today is in the wake of mere extremism. To bring this theory to the fore, they are somehow exploiting religious beliefs gradually to put people in the feud. So they will fight each other. Here, we are betrayed and fooled by our misunderstandings their rude hidden agenda.

Even though the hijab is a fundamental right for women according to act 14 and 25 of the Indian constitution, they are been heckled by saffron-clad men in their own college. They are chanting Jai Shree ram against those ladies who wore hijab. Hijab wasn't their first attack. Unlike hijab, triple talaq and cow were trending examples.

To be frank, I am contemplating that even though we have constitutions promise, police force, astute politicians and so on, why all these acts of violence are continuing yet? Because of that, they are not coming forth to punish these culprits, these havocs are taking place consecutively. It is obvious to the normal lad to figure it out by assessing all this. Are these culprits and rulers are in the same stream?
A hilarious one is that those who are chanting Jai Shree ram intending to intimidate Muslim colleagues, don't have an answer for interrogation done by a sleuth news reporter. Shameful for every Indian that world widely luminaries and veterans are witnessing these sufferings of twinge and stepping to support these hijab ladies.

 Be it Muslim, Christian or Hindu, those who committed or infringed laws should be punished by appropriate actions without delay.

To resolve this matter, giving a respite or deciding a closure of colleges will not be a suitable one. This kind of solution is like a pain killer. It will give relief once, but it will shake you and imperil in short while. we need an eternal solution. Those who were key persons to create this issue must come forward to turn this riot into peace. 
We Indians ought to be loved each other. If anyone's right has been questioned, it should be reckoned as our own right has been questioned and air our sound as much as we can until justice buries injustice. Because every Indian are our brothers and sisters. To be considered as our responsibility the dignity and memories of our forefathers built here.

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