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Knocking on an Another Door With Rose

The book  CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE ? is the sequel of engineer-turned-writer Ravinder Singh’s romantic novel I TOO HAD LOVE STORY, which put an end to his abject failure in his lovey-



The book  CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE ? is the sequel of engineer-turned-writer Ravinder Singh’s romantic novel I TOO HAD LOVE STORY, which put an end to his abject failure in his lovey-dovey life with his angel, Khushi after a sudden accident shrouded their love forever. And it trigger a mind level change in Ravin’s life and injected a steep pain in the depth of his broken heart. After, no fortune of garlands to exchange.

Here is an explicit explanation for the reader’s conundrum “ What happened to Ravin.. how’s he ....and is he fine now? Or shocked yet now. On an evening of Valentine’s day, Ravin and his friends, Happy, Amardeep and Manpreet got an invitation from RED FM of Chandigarh for a popular show called “Raat baaki, baat baaki, chaired by RJ Shombhavi. The show started without the esteemed presence of Ravin. After, they got the crux of the matter by a mooted question from an audience.

What is he ( Ravin) doing now? ..where is he? What happened?. Amardeep takes himself responsibility for answering. He is moving through trauma and anguish after Khushi’s death. And yet fitted as a fiddle. It was really an unexpected tragedy before they both got married. He wanted success but failed to prevail. And they, friends apprised all about his second incompleted book CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE? After, Amardeep started to read live.

From here, Ravin starts to share about his abject misery and difficulty to move on after Khushi’s accident. After, he was in Belgium with his friend Sanchit for a while on a business project.

One day, he got an eye on a girl. Much handsome but her figure wasn’t clear to him. But not enough time to focus. It passed. And he availed a chance, as a fortune for him. He was in Gym where she appeared again. But didn’t identify at first look. An Indian look... Indian beauty... Indian smell...too hot. He tried to control himself after his head fell over the heart with her. 

They were at a coffee shop just for a talk. It was a time bond enjoyment because she has to prepare for the exam. Yes, her name was Simar, from Gurgaon. Doing MBA here.

He was in a bid to rebuild his fragile rack of a broken heart, painted its wall with loves, where he kept Khushi till her demise. Day to day the volume of love was escalating with Simar and covering the marks of past love. Really, he was falling in love with her.

The day was his birthday and the party was over. At last, she came with late wishes to make him happy. She was busy with her education and preparations. They were connecting through online chat and he felt her comfort with him. After, she realized the old love story and expressed her eagerness to know in detail. She got his book and madly fell in love with him.

His duty period was over there and time to back. But four months still to complete her course. Months passed and she was also back in India. After, families of both were in touch with each other. Now it’s time again for her to return to Belgium. Before, they spent some time in a park. There he mooted marriage matter. No sign of satisfaction on her face. Thus ended by quarrel. After, he dropped her off at Airport.

She raised no end of demands to accept the marriage. But he was not tiresome at all and accepted all wanted demands. Later, he asked yes or no. It was his last question with an answer, sorry Ravin. She quashed it. How big was his grave concern about life... second failure to suffer. “ I have to pass. I don’t know which one I should cry farther, Ravin said. The bleakest memory ever to recall. His hopes and expectations of true love were dashed.

At present, the show ended. Happy received a call. Simar! It was she after he (Happy) emailed her a link to show .she apprised him to know where is Ravin right now. In a rehabilitation centre! She finds his way to Shimla to find Ravin.

Like a light at the end of the tunnel, a wake up after break-up. Yes, it was true so it happened twice... for me it was a heart touching love Story, sometimes I lumped my throat. 


(3.8/5) , it’s my rating for this novel

Make a chance to read.

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