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Politics of Neglect: Unveiling the Manipur Unrest

The state government fully failed in handling the Manipur riot. Or deliberately they ignored it

Cry, my beloved country, cry! Manipur still burns! In May, in the shadow of the Manipur riot, two women were brutally raped by insurgents. In Be-finom village, Kagpokpi. Meanwhile, the governments of India and Manipur still keep silent against rebels.

After two months, Manipur erupted into riots, and the prime minister, at last, broke his silence on the Manipur issue. He said that my heart is filled with pain and anger. The occurring issue in Manipur is very shameless. And it shamed our 140 billion people. And he proclaimed to all chief ministers to save peace there. In the month of May, many videos were publicly shared in which many women were brutally raped. There were killings by insurgents. In a video, a group of people with bad habits removed the dresses of two Kukikuki women and ordered them to walk naked in the middle of people. What shameless things occur in our democracy, India? On this issue, the BJP government will, as soon as possible, become silent.

For almost two months, the state government hasn’t taken any kind of action on the riot in Manipur over this rape case. The victim said that on the spot there were policemen, but they didn’t take any action against these culprits. Most of the violence against Christians in Kuki comes from Meithi. 142 people died, and 14 were missed. This is the report submitted by the State Government to the Supreme Court. In fact, over 250 churches were violently attacked on the first day of the crime.

                           The state government fully failed in handling the Manipur riot. Or deliberately they ignored it. The BJP got ruling from most Christian families in the Northeast area. When it failed in other places, they used won MLAs to cheat from their party to come BJP. In another part, BJP flashed allegations about Congress who took a vote with poor Muslims. In around, Sangaparivar again made Rumer or allegations between Muslims and Christians to come against Muslims from Christians to demolish humanity and fraternity. At last, Christian Saba found, what is the real colour of the BJP on this issue of Manipur violence against people. It is an example of demolishing the democracy of India after the coming of the BJP government.

We can’t express more from BJP Sarkar that they delivered weapons, guns, bullets, and grenades from the government’s armoury to Meithi for killing the village of Kuki. The published video is about the hills of snow mountains. we can guess from this what is happening in the inner village. Narendra Modi said that the issue is very shameful and that criminals will be arrested as soon as possible. And he added they couldn’t apologize to the culprits. when Manipur Street are burning the prime minister was taking a class about democracy in America.

Several people from Manipur, who are people's representatives, waited for days to meet Modi in Delhi, demanding that something be done to stop the riots.  Modi's party members were there.  Modi did not meet anyone.  No one heard.  But he boarded a plane to America.  Even after returning from America, Modi did not speak about Manipur.  Instead, it was said that Muslim women are subjected to injustice because they are not in the Uniform civil code.  What can we say other than hypocrisy? What should the country understand from Modi's current reaction?  Did Modi, like us, know what was happening in Manipur from the video that appeared on social media?.. Did the Indian systems of the country not inform the Prime Minister about what was happening in the villages of Manipur?  Unbelievable, it's hypocritical to pretend so.  Everyone knew everything. Only people knew late.

                                                   The government has rejected the demand of the opposition parties that the prime minister should make a statement in the parliament and that the parliament should discuss the issue.  The government thinks that all the discussions can be done by fixing the time.  Manipur is not an academic subject to debate about Parliament's date and time.  It is still burning.  If it was the situation on the second day of the riot, what would have been the depth of the riot which has been going on for more than three months?  The government's estimate of less than 150 people killed in Manipur should also be rejected.  Manipur is terrible as seen and heard.  This must end as soon as possible.  Chief Minister Biren Singh has lost his right to continue in power.  In the new situation, he should not be in power even for a moment.  This 'Leech' who clings to power when the country is on fire when historical destruction is on stage, is a disgrace to India itself.  All the criminals should be arrested.  Justice should be available to those who have lost their lives as soon as possible.  If none of this can be done, India will have to hang its head in front of the world.  


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