Dashed in One Second

Dust motes dance in a moonlit morgue, where a lonely corpse remembers the warmth of family, their joy shattered by tragedy. A final moonbeam whispers goodbye, leaving him in the cold, forever orphaned

The Dark of Graveyard

A mystical journey to God, defying limitations of time and space, led by a "peaceful beginning" and an unwavering guide. "Few days" in the grand scheme of eternity blur as individual distinctions fade, leaving a unifying path through the unknown, into the "dark of the graveyard."


Once upon a time, a man lived in a Palace. Despite his richness, he was interested in exploring tourist places and being adventurous, like climbing and swimming. One time, he decided on a pan-India tour.

If He Were Here

He just looked down and saw every step ... something grimaces and other shines. He was even in love with her but he was trying to conceal it from her. They traveled through both


I have a dream. But, I don’t know Whether it come true. But, I have a hope. Where there is a hope There is faith...


Yes, he got there to do his job; to wipe out the food particles and glasses from that table, and to clean it for the costumers. He is only about ten year.


There was a coding shelter Came to me with armful Stroke and pat I am safe from herior and  terror

Love Starts with

Love starts with bare moves with care Ends with tear.... Love starts with sudden moves with hidden Ends in burden....

The Monkey and the Crocodile

There was a monkey living on a tree. The tree was  on a seashore. The monkey had a friend as a crocodile. The monkey used to give fruits to the crocodile when he comes  

The Lion and Mouse

A lion was once sleeping in the jungle when a mouse started running up and down his body just for fun. This disturbed the lion’s sleep, and he woke up quite angry. He was about to


I never thought it would come true so quickly, when my class teacher told us a joke about future generation by his concept. When I was in fourth grade, I heard that joke from my