Hayy Ibn Yaqzan: Philosophical Enlightenment on a Deserted Island

"Hayy ibn Yaqzan," authored by Abubakr Ibn Tufail, stands as a monumental work in the realm of philosophical literature. The novel, also known as "Philosophus Autodidactus" in Latin, intricately weaves together diverse strands of education, philosophy, spirituality, and morality. Set against the backdrop of the Arabian legacy, the novel explores the life of Hayy, a newborn who embarks on a profound philosophical journey. Written in a distinctive Sufi perspective, the novel's full title, "Hayy-ibn-Yaqzan Fiasraaril-Hikmathathil-Mashriqiyya," epitomizes the depth and breadth of its content.

The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad

Commonly, western intellectuals try to undermine Islam with the smoke of Islamic extremism. But, the question is how she had differed from this Western casuist.

Is Our India Secular?

Secularism, which is a feature of some nations, is considering all the religious groups in a particular state/nation. Simply we can define secularism as the separation of religion

Knocking on an Another Door With Rose

The book  CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE ? is the sequel of engineer-turned-writer Ravinder Singh’s romantic novel I TOO HAD LOVE STORY, which put an end to his abject failure in his lovey-

Rubbing Salt Into the Wound

A group of scholars have been refused entrails to their school by authorities for two reasons. First is being a woman who had emancipated Islam while later is that being a woman wh

Muhammad of Martin Lings

Martin lings' biography of Muhammad is an internationally acclaimed, comprehensive and authoritative account of the life of the prophet (PBUH). There are lots of works and books which depict both completely and incompletely the honourable life or sira of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In fact every book especially historical productions are said as outstanding when it adheres to the morality of history and fulfil all respected areas of it. Hence it will knock the hearts and give the readers enough information and aesthetic pleasure to go forward.

Blissful Decades of Tadrees

I was born in 1945 in my mothers house at Mavara, two km far from Kumaranellur. Mainly my family was dependent on farming. Father Kunjali was a good farmer and grandfather

Deliberate Withdrawal

The decades-long invasion comes to an end with the withdrawal of the U.S. Army and its allies claiming that the nation-building of Afghanistan is no longer their concern. Taliban

Muhammed (s)

There is no doubt that the life of the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) is an ideal example that every Muslim or human should adhere to. Prophet Muhammed(s) is depicted in

Phoolan Devi: The Bandit Queen

Provocatively in her life, Phoolan Devi, the queen of the Chembal forest, led a radical transformation of power into Durga Devi, the queen of the Chembal forest. The value of

Wounded Spirits

Enchanting, Sensational, Inexplicable, this is how I like to illustrate my feelings about The Kite Runner, masterpiece of well known Afghan Writer, Khaled Hossieni. Some may define

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The book has an inspiring non fictional tale, delivering the heterogeneous and universal approaches to live with utmost courage and passion. The entire anecdote is enclosed by

The Other Side of Israel

She wrote this book from her realization that the nation of Israel is formed on the foundation of complete abhorrence. Zionists pretended as stewards of Jews and they created an in

On the Muslim Question

It is explicit that, in the aftermath of September 11, Islam has become a perilous challenge to the West is prevailing ideals and security. In On the Muslim Question Anne Norton

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced

This remarkable book includes dramatic circumstances of Yemen on those days, poverty, patriarchal society, rape, abuse, and child bride. fascinating insights into Yemeni culture,

To What Extent It Goes

Covid 19 has arrived in India to curb atrocities in the face of communal unrest. From the poor to the affluent, many have knelt before that pandemic.

And The Mountains Echoed

And the mountains echoed is a deeply moving epic of heartache, hope and above all the unbreakable bonds of love. It is the tale of separation

Free Thinking

When we exclude the morality, self-awareness and spirituality, we can see a group of people hanging on to their ideas and rules of politics disrespecting their religion and the

Save Lakshadweep Campaign

Absolutely, we will not allow our brothers and sisters who were grown in the same Kerala cultural cradle and sought refuge there, to be enslaved such these selfish laws.

Think Before Trolling the GOI

If you are aware of the promises scribbled in the manifesto of the BJP, you cannot help but to say that they had almost won, they promised Triple Talaq Bill and they brought it